Women who are in the startup stage of their business and unfortunately some seasoned entrepreneurs usually consider investing in a coaching program as an expense however, I want to share why not investing is actually the expense that can cost you dearly!

Let’s do some math:

How much income do you want to generate per month $____________(x) the amount of months you have been trying to hit that income goal _____________  minus (-) what you have made so far $________________(=) How much you already missed out on $__________.

For example, if you want to make $5,000 per month trying for 5 months and you have only made $2,000 in that time then you have missed on $23,000 of lost income. Every month you don’t figure it out you miss out on $5K per month. 

Not figuring out how to hit your income goals consistently has a cost! 

I always say there are many ways to make money especially online but they aren’t all the same. Some require few resources and some require a lot of resources. What exactly are resources that I’m referring to? Time, money, energy, team, infrastructure, systems, management, marketing, advertising, awareness, sales. Not properly determining and selecting a business that can be successful with the resources you have available is a huge mistake women make often that keeps them from never earning enough income to operate in their business full time. 

The numbers show that 68% women owned businesses make less than $28,000 a year. And with over 1,800 women businesses started each day, I would say we have a RING THE ALARM situation with women starting businesses but not making nearly enough to make it sustainable and secure. When women businesses suffer like this, it hurts the economy for women as a whole and we aren’t increasing our wealth. 

Women will spend years trying to figure out why their business is nowhere close to generating the income they desire. Most of the time they haven’t done their numbers and don’t know what they should be charging to hit their income goals with ease based on their current resources. They often pick quantity based business models where they have to sell dozens, hundreds if not thousands of people per month to hit their goals. This requires more marketing, time, advertising, audience, awareness and sales to hit high income months. 

A lot of women start their business on the side until it generates enough income to replace their 9 to 5 but it is difficult to do when your side business requires a lot of resources to do this. This is why a lot of women are burnt out, confused and frustrated. 

That’s why in the SOBC program we teach women skillsets, strategies and solutions that are highly valued and worth a premium investment. That way our consultants only have to enroll 5 clients a month to earn $5K – $10K a month vs. selling $10 T-shirts, $20 makeup or low ticket services priced at only a couple hundred dollars. The lower your prices the more resources you will need and the more you work you will do to make money.

So when you think of a coaching program that not to mention also is a done for you business as an expense think of how much it costs not to have a business that is profitable.