Jasmine York Ball – Has been able to quit her 9 to 5 and do her business full time, is a new mom and owns multiple businesses leveraging her training for SOBC.

Anita Scruggs – Has been able to recoup her investment in the program in 3 weeks and has a brand new business model that gives her more time and bank!

Jessica Smith – Is a SAHM with multiple service based businesses leveraging her knowledge from the program.

Tiffany Perry – Is a full time entrepreneur who has multiple service based businesses leveraging the SOBC program.

Alicia Reynolds Dampier – Has quit her 9 to 5 and is a full time SOBC thanks to confidence she acquired from the program.

Charise Brunner – Has been able to close $100K+ in sales in various support roles and financially contribute to charities that she believes in from the strategies learned in the SOBC program.

Melissa Alex – Has been able to organize and learn valuable solutions to support her coaching business.

Tashawna Chisholm – Has just started the program, is a personal stylist and is excited to launch and scale her SOBC business.

Neka Dane – Is a full time SOBC and owner of her own successful hair care line. 

Adriana Algarin Carney – Is a successful sales manager who focuses on helping busy moms uplevel their mindset and start their dream business.